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Our Mission

Pacific Media Expo (PMX) is trade show dedicated to promoting the Pacific Rim's entertainment and media industries. PMX is focused on cultural exports such as anime, music, live action films, and comics. PMX is also a showplace for two new generations in entertainment: Asian-American joint media projects, and Asian-American artists.

Our Goals

Pacific Media Expo (PMX) benefits from two factors that create a unique competitive opportunity to act as the primary focal point for Asian entertainment and media community to gather, gain exposure and promote their products to the rest of the country. Los Angeles is the Asian community’s largest hub within the United States and is the gateway for Asian influence to the rest of the country. Within the entertainment community, Los Angeles is the creative capital of the industry. PMX will leverage its management team's 100 years of combined event management experience to become a dominant force in the Asian media industry.

Pacific Media Expo currently seeks to promote four key cultural exports in the United States. The first is anime, which for the past decade has been the largest growth segment in the video industry, thanks to breakthrough shows like Pokemon and Yu-gi-oh, as well as pioneering programming on the Cartoon Network. The second is music, which is already beginning to break down barriers in the independent and club markets. The third is live action films, which have been making inroads thanks to the pioneering work of Hong Kong filmmakers like John Woo, Jet Li and Jackie Chan. However, a new generation of films is rising throughout Asia with hits like Ring, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and Shaolin Soccer. The last is comics, which has had American success with titles like Akira and Ranma ½, but have not yet lived up to the runaway success that comics enjoy in Asia.

One of the goals we seek is to explore the new generation of media characterized by convergence between Asia and America. The Academy Award winning Spirited Away and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon are excellent examples of American marketing successfully promoting critically acclaimed Asian films in the United States. But a new hybrid is arising. Cutting edge American storytelling combined with Japanese animation created AniMatrix. Mixed media projects like Kill Bill offer directors the opportunity to add the edginess of anime to compliment their live action films.

We also seek to promote the new generation Asian-American artists. Whether it is the new independent domestic films like Better Luck Tomorrow or hot new Asian-American DJ's, we seek to bring together artists from diverse backgrounds to try to create a creative community.

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